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on the CarAssist platform

The present “Policy of using cookies” ailms at introducing you to the peculiarities and the relevance of cookies on the CarAssist Platform (, which is the property of the “Customer Assistance, Repair and Services - CARS” OOD.

What are "cookies":

Cookies are files, containing a limited set of text information – letters and numbers, which a given website transfers temporarily from a web browser to your computer or mobile device, while you are visiting, or for a longer period of time depending on the type of each cookie. Through them the CarAssist Platform ( distinguishes you from the other users. The cookies cannot be used for a malicious code distribution or viruses. The “Customer Assistance, Repair and Services” OOD has no access to the saved information on your computer or mobile device, even if there is a saved cookie in them.

Each cookie is unique for your browser and contains anonymous information.

The cookies function is to make your surfing easier saving at the same time a certain amount of information connected to your preferences.

Why and how do we use cookies?

We use the information collected by the “cookies” to improve the characteristics of our platform CarAssist (, in order to direct you better to contents of greater use or interest to you, only in respect of the services provided by “Customer, Assistance, Repair and Services-CARS” OOD. The functions of the cookies are limited to the following:

  • Mandatory: they facilitate the viewing of the web portal and the structured services in it, to make use of the possibilities to order services with us or to contact us.
  • Functional: Enables the CarAssist Platform ( to memorize your preferences as a user (such as user name, language spoken and the district in which you are located) in order to facilitate your surfing.
  • Marketing: They are used for the purpose of presenting you with information connected directly to you and your interests, analyzed on the basis of your online behaviour and preferences.
  • Optimizing the Portal: They collect information regarding the way in which the CarAssist Platform ( is availed of by the users, e.g. what computer menus are used most commonly by the users and provide statistics on the use of the webpage. They also provide indications for the planned improvements in the future versions of the portal, so that it can be more user-friendly and effective.

How to opt-out from receiving cookies:

Whenever you visit the CarAssist Platform ( our web server automatically sends cookies to your computer.

Should you not wish to accept “cookies”, they may be deactivated by adjusting the browser settings. You may visit or where you will find detailed information about “cookies” management in one of the more commonly used type of browsers. Should you decide to give up on “cookies” you may not have access to all the functionalities of this site. “Customer, Assistance, Repair and Services-CARS” OOD is obliged to demand your consent for all types of “cookies” it uses with the exception of those which are “strictly necessary”.

Contacts with us:

We will take all questions, comments and requests connected to the “Policy of using cookies”. Please send them to

This policy has been updated for the last time on 17th March 2020