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Using CarAssist and its staff you will save your time whilw your vehicle is maintaining. Whenever you reach us by phone, email or our mobile app, we will offer you the best option for the service that you need.

We will arrange best place and time for picking up and delivering back the vehicle.

CarAssist staff will drive your vehicle to the service point chosen by you. In case you aren’t choose service point we can recommend you best one considering you vehicle brand.

We are working whole week and processing orders 24/7 vie our mobile app or website. Picking up and delivering the vehicles are available from Monday to Friday between 9 o’clock am and 7 o’clock pm.

We are working also Saturdays and Sundays but with advanced appointment. You can reach us on your phone at 0877505253/0878221178

When you place an order CarAssist staff will contact you for working out the details and for additional information about the time and the place for picking up and delivering back the vehicle.

IMPORTANT! Out drivers have unique indetification card with the name and CarAssist logo.

Its important to know that CarAssist staff have long driving experience without accidents. Our mission is to drive safe and keep every rule on the road. In case of accident CarAssist team cover all of the damages and provides vehicle for temporary needs.

How can I pay for CarAssist services ?

In case of need for additional repairing on your vehicle, our staff must contact you to inform you and to offer you how to fix it and how much is going to cost. The repairing will be done only if the client allow CarAssist staff to do it.

We are working only with authorized service points which gives guarantee for the parts they used and the repairing staff they done on your vehicle.

In case of a need for changing the appointment you should contact us 24 hours before the arranged date.

Now CarAssist provides services in Sofia territory, but soon we will cover whole country.


If you have any further questions, please contact our representative at the telephone number listed on the site or our e-mail address: