Your full debrief on Ferrari's 986hp hybrid supercar

The big news is that this is Ferrari’s first PHEV (plug-in hybrid vehicle) developing 986bhp, or a nice round 1000cv if you’re Italian. Doing the heavy lifting in the power stakes is a heavily revised version of Ferrari’s twin-turbo V8, which delivers 769bhp. Adding further grunt are three e-motors delivering a combined 217bhp. The first is an F1-derived MGUK (Motor Generator Unit Kinetic) located between the engine and gearbox, while a further two motors work on the front axle. So it’s not just Ferrari’s first PHEV, but also its first AWD two-seat sports car.


This powertrain has given the team at Maranello a chance to deploy torque vectoring and all-wheel drive performance for more speed through the all-new and handily acronym friendly RAC-E (Rotational Axis Control Electric) which, judging by the results, takes the pursuit of speed to another level.