Annual Technical Examination

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The service is offered for cars only. It includes a complete preliminary inspection and preparation of the documents for the Annual Technical Examination. The car is collected, successfully passes the exam and is returned   to its owner. We are here to assist you in the best possible way. Your Personal Assistant is a professional in the field, and is aware of all the rquiremnts for the successful passing of the roadworthiness test. With his expertise and assistance the annual technical examination is no longer protracted and boring.

Customer Reviews
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Стефан Иванчев
Отлично обслужване, много благодаря!
Виктор Василев
Камелия Каравелова
Сашо е супер, както винаги :)
Gabriel Mantler
Thank you for the quick and easy processing. I especially appreciate that the car is picked up from me, that saves a lot of time.
Здравко Кисъов
Много съм доволен от коректното отношение. БЛАГОДАРЯ
Нели Георгиева
Отлична работа!
Бойко Стоянов
Marin Marinov
Браво! Много добре подбрани услуги и обслужване. Най-вече професионалната хигиена, която поддържате.