Tyres Changing

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We offer you complete assistance and servicing for tyre changing which includes the picking of the car from a convenient location and returning it back.  We have competitive prices, professional assessment and assistance, seasonal storage etc.

Take advantage of:

  • Mobile unit for tyre changing - call us and we will visit you on the spot and will change or repair your tyres;
  • Preferrential conditions and discounts for the purchase of new tyres;
  • Tyre storage – you needn’t worry if you have nowhere to store your tyres. We offer very good conditions in order to relieve you of this concern.

It is all being done by your private assistant, equipped with the appropriate for the purpose tools. Do not wait any further – call us and we will do it for you at a convenient time.

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Емануел Стоянов
Всичко мина идеално!
Вера Венцел
Емануел Стоянов
Много доволен!
Станимира Бакърджиева
Veronika Miteva
Стефан Иванчев
Лилия Костадинова
Много доволна от обслужването!
Станимира Бакърджиева
Стефан Иванчев
Благой Филев
Отлична работа
Станимира Бакърджиева
Сияна Георгиева
Сияна Георгиева
Най-доброто обслужване! ????
Доволен съм.
петър йорданов
страхотно и препоръчвам го на всеки
Toma Todorov
Перфектна услуга, страхотен и доста полезен сайт.